Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Using Part - Part - Whole in Subtraction

Ch. 4 Using Part-Part-Whole in Subtraction from Theresa Trevino on Vimeo.

Practice Problems:

Mrs. Trevino bought 24 cupcakes at the store.  On the way home, 6 of them fell and toppled over - ruining them.  How many cupcakes does she have left?

Ms. Foster made 35 chocolate chip cookies.  When she wasn't looking, Mrs. Bacon swiped 8 of them and gobbled them on up!  How many cookies does Ms. Foster have now?

Ms. Schubert emptied her coin purse and found that she had 27 dimes.  When she wasn't looking, her daughter took 12 of her dimes and added them to her piggy - bank.  How many dimes does Ms. Schubert have now?  What is the value of her dimes?

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